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We'll be the worst of best friends.

Vicki Bondage.
27 June 1988
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$20 dress pants, 0mfgz...i'm 21!!, 1 am binges, 21, 40 hours, acne, acquaintances, alcoholic, alcoholism, aldi, amanda nexttoppornstar...mmkay, angels and airwaves, anti-false eyelashes, anti-fashion, anti-hair extensions, arizona iced tea, asking for id, assuming everyone is fake, baby oil, bacardi, beating around the bush, being a filthy wigger, being a sneak/trickster, being bossy, being demanding, being pushy, being technologically retarded, being tired, bi? yes/no?, big nosed cunts, bitching, bjs, bodybuilding, bragging, britney spears, broke ass, buying booze without cash, calling liquor beer, camtran, cashier fucks bakery bitch, chicken quasadillas, chinese food, chuck norris perhaps?, cock, dammit, damn, deleting phone numbers, did i mention 21?, dinosaur computer, dirty hair, do i look german?, do i look italian?, does the english showup?, eating like a pig, elise g elyse d?, failure, forcing, fruity drinks, fuck, full time, gangsta hats, getting a buzz, getting off, getting pissed off, giant eagle, golf, goo goo dolls, goth look...o rly?, grocery store lingo, guitar hero, hating my family, hating my parents, hbc...??, hockey, horn dawg, hun....whole 'nother story, i can't do construction, i miss my cds, i soooo smoked b4!, i want a vehicle, i'm like soo maturer, i'm not an asshole, intimidation, jacking off, jagermeister, janette o, joking about cock, kevin federline, let's do lunch, let's get to bed, liquid cocaine, long island iced tea, looking for a job, loser, making people feel sorry, meghan facial piercing bitch, metal, my friend, my new haircut, name calling, no diploma, not beleving in melanoma, not having friends, not paying for gas, passing the check, paying rent, perverted, popping zits, porno, pseudo nice guy, raising the minimum wage, rap, relaxing, religious whores, reminding people i'm 21, restraining myself at bars, romana sambuca, sales, saying fuck, serious talks, shaved head, showing off my id, siberia sucks!! kthankx, sleeping, smirnoff, spark cologne, spunk'd 3, stalking girls at walmart, stalking pretty much everyone, stock boys, subway, talking about blacks, tanning, ten till, tennis, tequila, the bar scene, the dollar store, the liquor store, the word cock, thinking too much, tiger woods, traders guide, twenty-one, used furniture, verbal abuse, walker texas ranger, washing my work shirt, wtf?! you? a model?, your white!!!!!!